The CMake Editor is a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. CMake is a powerful cross-platform, open-source Makefile generation tool created by Kitware.

CMakeEd 1.1.6 is available for update
  • Updated documentation for CMake 2.8.6

CMakeEd 1.1.5 is available for update
  • Updated documentation for CMake 2.8.0
  • Added preference to use either UPPERCASE or lowercase for CMake commands to better integrate with your current CMake files
  • Cleaned up some parsing errors.
  • 2 Eclipse Update Sites

CMakeEd 1.1.4 is available for update
  • Updated documentation for CMake 2.6.4
  • 2 Eclipse Update Sites

New Eclipse Update Site Available

CMakeEd 1.1.1 is now available.
• Syntax highlighting for CMake defined variables, User defined Variables, Properties and Reserved Words
• Preference Panel to set custom syntax highlighting colors
• Documentation updated to CMake version 2.6.2
• Support for keystroke code templates to insert often used cmake code
• Preference Panel to define custom keystroke code templates
• Keystroke short cuts to comment/uncomment blocks of code
• Basic hover support to show brief description of command or variable being hovered over.
• CMake command reference intregrated in the Eclipse Help system
• Editing of CMakeLists.txt and any *.cmake file or * file


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This project was graciously brought to you by C Thing Software and BlueQuartz Software.

Screen Shots

CMakeEd Command Completion

CMakeEd Integrated CMake Documentation

CMakeEd Syntax Highlighting Preferences

CMakeEd Code Template Preferences